Immigration to Canada is a complex process requiring a thorough knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, policies and procedures. New Ground Immigration Services offers advice and guidance to reach your immigration goal to come to Canada, either temporarily as a visitor, worker, student or business investor, or as a permanent resident through one of the economic or non-economic programs.

Your Future, Our Commitment!

We can help you with identifying the missing piece of your immigration puzzle or discussing at full length what your immigration options are for Canada. When you hire us as your representative, we guide you through all stages of the application process.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated!

Every situation is unique, and with so many rules and procedures, it can be hard to find the right immigration path. Moreover, amended laws and procedures emerge all the time. We commit our dedication and knowledge to help you to immigrate to Canada without having to suffer the hassle and headaches yourself.

Accurate, Affordable and Transparent!

Our goal is to be upfront and transparent about what is achievable in your situation and what is not. We work precisely and accurately keeping you well informed during the whole process. You will find our fees reasonable.

How we work