Book a consultation

Book a consultation with Catharina Tuit Online or In Person* in our office in Nelson BC. Our consultations are strictly confidential. Initial consultation fees are entirely creditable towards the retainer fee in case you decide to hire Catharina as your representative to file your immigration application within the following three months. You can now book your consultation online. If you have an urgent matter or are looking for another time-frame (weekend or evenings) please contact us or send an email. 

After booking a consultation we will ask you to fill out an assessment and/or provide details about your situation in preparation of the consultation. Instructions and information depend on the type of consultation booked. Afterwards you will receive an email with a summary and our conclusions. We answer  follow-up questions without an extra charge provided that no additional assessment is necessary and are asked within a reasonable time-frame.

* In February, March and April the IN PERSON consultations are limited. Please contact us or send an email if you want an IN PERSON consultation only. 

Initial Consultation @$190 + tax

An easy way to start your immigration process is to have an Initial Consultation up to 90 minutes. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to learn about you and your particular immigration situation and identify your options and identify the next steps in the process. All information and documents that you provide to us shall remain strictly confidential. After having booked an appointment, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and send any relevant documents prior to the consultation so we can make efficient use of the time booked.


Review EE or PNP application @$550 + tax

Book an Application Review when you are ready to submit your application for permanent residence under Express Entry or a Provincial Nominee Program.  Catharina will review your application including all supporting documents ensuring that you meet all the requirements of the program.


EE Profile Creation @$350 + tax

You are eligible in an Economic immigration program (Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades), but want help creating your Express Entry profile to make sure you did not make any mistakes.  We will also provide you with information and advice about what happens in the next step after the profile is created so you can prepare.


Sponsorship Review @$750 +tax

We offer the service of reviewing sponsorship applications that are ready to be submitted.  After scheduling an appointment for a sponsorship application review, we will request you to upload or email your complete documentation prior to the appointment.


Citizenship Application Review @$450 (+TAX)

Book an Application Review if you think you are ready to submit your citizenship application. We will review your complete application including all supporting documents you must include ensuring that everything meets the standard required by Canadian immigration.


Status Extension Consultation @$450 (+TAX)

If you need any kind of extension of your status in Canada, this is the consultation for you! We will walk you through how to do this application yourself and give you advice about the documents you need to provide to support your application.


Admissibility Consultation @$350(+TAX)

Do you think you or one of your family members may be inadmissible to Canada due to a medical condition, past criminal convictions or misrepresentation on a previous immigration application? It is important that you find out how this may impact your ability to immigrate to Canada. Some circumstances may require additional research prior to advising on options applicable to your specific situation.


Hire a foreign worker @$450(+TAX)

If your business is facing challenges in filling vacant positions and you were to consider hiring a foreign worker, we can assist you in ploughing through the procedure of filling this gap by hiring a foreign worker. This consultation is to learn more about your business, challenges and specific needs. We shall outline what is necessary when proceeding and provide you with detailed instructions to get you started. Some circumstances may require additional research prior to advising on options applicable to your specific situation. This will then be discussed with you.