• New consultation policy

    We currently offer ZOOM consultations only. Please contact us or send an email if you have questions about our new policy.

Book a consultation

Book an ONLINE ZOOM Consultation with Catharina Tuit. Our consultations are strictly confidential.  You can book your consultation online. If you have an urgent matter or are looking for another time-frame (weekend or evenings) please contact us or send an email.  If you prefer another means of communication please let us know. We can accommodate WhatsApp, Phone (in Canada only) or Skype.

Initial Consultation @$190 + tax

An easy way to start your immigration process is to have an Initial Consultation. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to learn about you and your particular immigration situation and identify your options and identify the next steps in the process. All information and documents that you provide to us shall remain strictly confidential. After having booked an appointment, we may ask you to fill out an assessment form online and/or send us relevant documents prior to the consultation so we can make efficient use of the time booked. The duration of the consultation meeting itself is 45 minutes. We will conclude the consultation with a follow-up email of what was discussed in our meeting, in outline.  The fee for the initial consultation will be credited if you decide to retain us as your authorized immigration representative in the next three months.
In addition, for an extra fee, we can offer detailed outlines of applicable programs and immigration pathways that will give you detailed guidance for your next steps.


20-Minute case-specific consultation @$95 + tax

Have your case-specific questions answered during a 20-minute consultation by Phone or Online Zoom meeting.  During the consultation, we concentrate on one specific immigration program or immigration process and the questions you have about the program or application process. After concluding the consultation we will e-mail you a summary of our notes. All information and documents you provide remain strictly confidential.