Family Sponsorship

If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, age 18 or over, you can sponsor certain family members to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. You as the sponsor are responsible for supporting your relative financially when he or she arrives. You can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, your dependent children, parents and grandparents and certain other relatives.

To be able to sponsor a family member to immigrate to Canada you must meet certain requirements. There are also restrictions and obligations. The application, requirements, procedure and processing time depends on who you are sponsoring and, for sponsoring spouses and common-law partners, under which class you are applying. For spousal and common-law partner sponsorships there are two classes: the Family Class and the Spouse and Common-Law Partner in Canada Class.

Except for the Parents and Grandparents category, the sponsorship application is direct.  If you want to sponsor your parents or grandparents you must tell IRCC that you intend to sponsor them by submitting an online interest form during a restricted time period (first month of the year). The online submission form for 2018 is closed. For 2019, IRCC aimed to receive 20,000 complete applications. The 2020 intake is currently postponed.

If you want us to help you to sponsor your family member or review your application book a consultation here! For more information on family-sponsorship visit the IRCC website.