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Most people, who want to come to Canada to study, work or as permanent residents find it hard to know where and how to start while keeping oversight of the processes and complicated legal requirements. Also, businesses get frustrated in hiring foreign workers since applicable rules are cumbersome and frequently change. All in all, you came to the right address. We are happy to do all the work for you and stay on top of your application.

Immigration Consultations

Initial consultation
With every situation being unique, our engagement starts with a paid consultation to discuss all the aspects of your immigration situation and immigration process. During our conversation that will take 45 minutes, we can assess your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, the various immigration options and applicable immigration paths to Canada,  based on your unique circumstances and goals. We will discuss the pros and cons of the different options.
In preparation for this meeting, we may ask you to fill out a questionnaire. If applicable, we will outline the steps for you to take in preparation for your immigration application. This includes the steps for acquiring all necessary documentation to get started.

Full consultation assessment
If you are unfamiliar with the immigration programs and processes and would like to have a full written document tailored to your situation, we can offer a full assessment and immigration option letter that puts our professional advice and recommendations in writing.  We shall outline what is necessary when proceeding and provide you with detailed instructions to get you started.

20-Minute case-specific consultation
In a 20-minute case-specific consultation we concentrate on one particular immigration matter or program and will answer the questions you have.  

Full representation

Once we have determined the most suitable option for you or your business, we will guide you step by step through the whole application process. We prepare and submit the paperwork for the application on your behalf and act as your authorized representative. As your authorized representative, we will represent you in dealings with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) or the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) office. The Immigration authorities take decisions on applications, and we can not guarantee that applications will be accepted. But rest assured, with us, your application is in very capable and professional hands. We will do our utmost in assisting you through this process swiftly and efficiently to ensure the best chance of success.

Application review

You may want to prepare the application yourself. In such a case, to ensure the best chance of success, we offer a dedicated assessment of your application. We give you feedback on how to make your submission stronger, better and complete.  Missing documents or unclear information could cause delay or refusal by the immigration authorities.

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