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Students can start working while waiting for their Co-op work permit

As a temporary measure due to the COVID-19 situation, IRCC has announced that students who are outside of Canada can work while their study permit and co-op work permit are being processed. If their school and employer agree, they can either accept a Canadian work placement and begin working remotely from their home country or work for a company in their home country.

Students who are already in Canada, and have applied for a co-op work permit, may begin their co-op placement, provided they meet all the eligibility requirements (like studying full-time). Students may work full-time on the campus of the university or college. Off-campus, students can work a total of 20 hours per week during an academic term/semester, including both the hours for co-op and the hours for their regular paid job (if they have one). They can work full-time during scheduled breaks in the school year.

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