Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Amazing Work

In 2019, Catharina did an amazing work getting work permits for us. We were going through an unstable and very stressful period and we really needed to get those permits quickly for the well-being of our family. She studied our case in great detail and found the perfect immigration program for us. When we thought multiple times we would have to leave Canada, she found a way to accelerate the process and we got our new work permits way sooner than we were expecting. There is no doubt we are going to work with her again for the next step: getting permanent residency.
C & S, Nelson BC

We are forever grateful

When my wife and I started looking for an Immigration Consultant in Nelson, we did get referred to Catharina at New Ground Immigration. After leaving a Message on her Answering Machine, Catharina got back to us the next day. We scheduled a free consultation appointment with her. From that appointment on, we were impressed with her thorough, honest and organized nature. Catharina is a great communicator and made us understand the exact process and all our options. In the next few months, we were in constant contact with Catharina and delivered everything she asked us for. She built our file meticulously until it was all together. She kept in contact with all the authorities throughout the entire process and was always available for any questions from us. I cannot say enough about how much easier Catharina made everything for us. We could not have done it without her. We are forever grateful!

L+C, Winlaw

We are forever thankful…..

Catharina did a wonderful job for us navigating a complicated application case. She was fastidious to check and double-check the facts and then counselled us well towards the best result. It was a comfort that she was always willing to explain the different options and procedures, and the best and worst possible outcomes of each choice. With Catharina, we went through this process fully informed. In the end, our application went through quickly and smoothly, and it was a huge load off to have Catharina making sure all the details were taken care of so we could really focus on the content of our application. We are forever thankful to Catharina for getting us over the permanent residency hurdle so we can be together in Canada as a family. Highly recommended!

Chelsey (Canada) & Marco (Germany)

Great job done, Catharina!

When we first considered submitting the Canadian Permanent Resident application for Angela, who is a Singapore citizen, in July 2018, we searched and found that New Ground Immigration Services provided assistance for such matters. Immediately upon our first consultation with Catharina, we knew that she was the representative whom we wanted to work with on our application. Catharina impressed us with her thorough knowledge and experience of the immigration process. She helped us to understand clearly the myriad of immigration rules and requirements and her invaluable advice meant that we did not stress out on the numerous details needed to input into the forms. Even when we had to travel outside of Canada for an extended period, Catharina would diligently monitor the status of the application and would constantly update us on its progress. Catharina’s high standard of work ethic, integrity, and personable demeanour gave us the confidence that she genuinely cared about the success of our application. Great job done, Catharina! We would highly recommend New Ground Immigration Services to anyone.

Gray and Angela

We highly recommend New Ground Immigration Services!

I am a citizen of Canada and my wife is a US citizen. With Catharina’s help, we submitted our application in January 2019 and by July 2019 we had a successfully achieved ‘Permanent Residency’ status for her. Catharina has been absolutely fantastic to work with through the entire immigration process. In retrospect, I can’t imagine trying to do this on our own–there were just too many details and pitfalls, laws, rules, and red tape to wade through. There is simply no way we could have got the process done as fast without Catharina’s expertise.  From the beginning, we were extremely impressed with her skill, high ethical standards, and excellent attention to detail.  We highly recommend New Ground Immigration Services!

Sincerely,Jeff Wexall

Always On Top of It

I was very hesitant to make use of any immigration service because I like to be in control myself and did not have a big budget. I still decided to have one consult with Catharina Tuit and quickly realized that her help would be priceless. She found the right program for me to apply for permanent residence and helped me above and beyond with figuring out all the details and formatting the letters. She was always on top of it. When Canada requested me to send in fingerprints, Catharina even set up a meeting for me in Lyon so we could make it happen while I was travelling there for work! She made sure to always send me the screenshots before she submitted any document, so I was part of the whole process. I highly recommend New Ground Immigration Services if you are considering immigration or joining applying for a Canadian visa.
Petra; The Netherlands